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Hi, i bouht an item with ebay global shipping program ( a topps star wars galactic files reborn auto

Hi, a bought a topps star wars autograph card on ebay. The seller is using the ebay global shipping program to ship(i live in canada).received the package and it was not what i bought. It was a car part(bmw fuel/gas door hinge). I am sure is not the seller who make the mistake. The mistake is at the ebay shipping center in Erlanger. They put the wrong item in my package after they open it.

It,s not the seller fault. What can i do to get my item.




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Let the seller know as a courtesy.

As you say, it is unlikely he made such an egregious error.


You will probably be filing an Item Not As Described dispute in the eBay Resolution Centre at the bottom of this page.

Be sure to state that this was a GSP shipment.

The seller will not be harmed (nor should he be) and you will not be required to return the car part.

You will be refunded.

But as dennis says, the card is gone forever.



You might mention politely to your seller that the GSP is a dumb choice for shipping sportscards.

Instead he could use USPS First Class International Parcel service, which includes  Delivery Confirmation.


DC is what most US sellers are anxious about.

He should click on the Size and Shape icon for FCIP.

A card with DC should ship for under $10


Well, tracked international shipping is expensive .

There is a slight chance that an FCIP shipment might be assessed by CBSA for duty and sales tax. If it is, and most items that are valued under $100Cdn and/or are small are not assessed, there would also be a $9.95 service fee to Canada Post.

But the chances are slight.





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As well as the seller, contact Pitney Bowes (they run the GSP) at regarding this problem.



Odds are you'll get a refund but no card.

The card either ended up in someone else's package or it went in a PB employee's pocket.



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first thing you need to do is contact the seller, and see what they have to say..