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I ordered a pikachu iphone 5s phone case from a chinese seller since christmas 2016 still not here?

I've ordered a pikachu phone case for my iphone 5s since dec 25th 2016, but it still hasn't arrived yet. It said the earliest delivery was jan 11th 2017 and the latest would march 2nd 2017. Is china post really slow right now? Has anyone else experienced this?

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by femmefan1946 on ‎02-17-2017 01:04 AM

What date did eBay give you for latest delivery?

If that date has passed (and it can be two months!) you have 30 days to open a Dispute in the Resolution Centre at the bottom of this page.

If the seller cannot prove delivery, you will be refunded.


If the 30 days have passed, go to the Paypal Resolution Centre at the top of your PP account page under Tools.