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I tried getting a question answered about a replacement aluminum floor from aquamarine. Three weeks+

No answer from aquamarine for more than three weeks about a replacement floor for my 11 foot inflatable boat I purchased a couple of years ago. Maybe they are ignoring me? Maybe they don't read their incoming mail?



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MAYBE ,  you need to contact the original manufacture of thr product you purchased.. if the original seller still has info on the manufacture i am sure they would pass it on to you.. otherwise i would suggest a google search for the manufacture and see what you can find,, after 2 years the seller has no obligation to you at this point..

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There are lots of bargains online, but unless the seller is an authorized dealer for the manufacturer, what you are giving up is any warranty.

If your seller was an authorized dealer, did you get a warranty card, and did you send it in?


In any case, contact the manufacturer, not the seller, whose responsibility ended 180 days from payment (if you paid through Paypal). The eBay dispute process is only open for 30 days after delivery.

If you paid by credit card, or back your PP account with a credit card, you may be a able to chargeback for six months or so, but not usually after two years.


I suspect the best you will get is the contact info for a local seller who can supply the parts you need and may even be able to install them.

But expect to pay for both  parts and for labour.