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why are some sellers using globo shipping and charge import duties to Canada there is no import duties to Canada

the shipping from American sellers is ridiculous on small items all of a sudden items that ship in a small envelope are 25 to 30 dollars U.S.  ..Plus some sellers are charging an import charge of a percentage of the selling price..

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Canadians can purchase items up to $20.00 Canadian, from U.S. Sellers, with no excise tax due, according to our Trade Agreements, whereas, U.S. buyers are are permitted to purchase $200.00 U.S. , worth of items, from Canadians without paying any excise tax in their country. 


Many of the U.S. sellers that I have spoken to, about their Global Shipping are very accommodating and are more than willing to ship through their post office for you, at a much reduced cost. You simply have to ask them. 


You have the choice to avoid sellers that use UPS  due to the Price Shock at your door, OR seller's that use Global Shipping and charge import taxes on items under $20.00 Canadian, where no import charges are due. These forms of shipping can turn the excitement of your purchase, into a bitter experience. 

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First, some items imported from the USA (and Mexico and Chile) do have duty applicable, because they are not manufactured in the USA (etc.). But that is a quibble.

What you pay on your doorstep is a service fee ($10 to Canada Post, $25 or more to a courier) and sales tax of 5% to 17% depending on your province.

The Global Shipping Program forces the buyer to pay these fees at checkout instead of being shocked at the door. The GPS fees include those noted above and a substantial fee to Pitney Bowes who run the service for eBay.


You can ask the seller, before bidding, if you can arrange to have the item shipped directly using USPS/Canada Post because it is faster and less expensive. If the seller refuses, find another seller.