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how do i repay my purchase after refund

Hi, I made a purchase, didn't receive it with 3 months, so I asked for a refund.  I received the refund, two weeks later received the item.  Now I want to pay them for that purchase and I don't know how to get it paid.  I don't have a paypal account and I'd prefer not to set one up.  Any one know what to do?


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Thank you for being honest with your seller.


The first thing you should do is contact your seller and tell them you have this and that you want to pay them for it.


I only know of using paypal to do so but your seller may have other ideas. He or she can perhaps invoice you directly and then you might be able to pay that invoice using a credit card via paypal? I'm not certain that's possible. But leave the choice to your seller to give you options. 


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You don't actually need the invoice.

Just use the Paypal Send Money service.

You have his PP address/ email  in the original transaction.


You can Message him through eBay or through that email to let him know what's happening.


I know this means you need a PP account yourself, but it is a very useful thing for buying online. I use it to pay for convention tickets, send gifts to family, buy on other sites, purchase subscriptions...

PP is a very secure way of paying online without the seller knowing your financial information.

And your have six months from payment for the resolution of any problems.