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Seller didn't use the Global shipping that I paid for. Can I get the difference back

Hi! I purchased an item and paid for the Global shipping. The seller just mailed it to me by USPS. I did receive the item but the USPS was about 5 bucks and I paid 22.00 for the Global shipping. Can I get the difference back? 

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As a fellow Canadian buyer, I should say 'yes' since legally you submit money to Pitney Bowes through the Global Shipping Program for Customs and Import tax and the seller did not submit it.


As a Canadian seller, I would also say 'yes' since you paid your seller for a service that was not used.


In practical terms, however, the seller must not understand what he is doing or how to use the program he signed up to use to export to other countries so you may find a roadblock there if and when you ask for a refund. Start there, and see if you can explain to your seller what you paid and what he was supposed to do and whether he'll give you your money back in terms of the difference between what he paid and what you spent.


If not, you may have to open a claim. It won't be straightforward and you might have to call and speak to Customer Service at ebay or Paypal. 



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