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Why is shipping taking 3 months from China to Canada?

I order regularly from china and usually receive within 3-4 weeks, Now were over 3 months to get anything. If it comes at all. What is going on?

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all we are experiencing this pain !

i guess the reason is obvious - our hungry for more revenue government sabotage the shipments

soon Canada will enter the list of the Countries no one ships to 

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Please see the Buyer Central board for many other posts about this very topic.


In short, due to the rise in cases of people dying to fentanyl overdoses Canada Customs is doubling down on checking shipments from China (the drug often comes into Canada from China). With so many people ordering from China, there is a lot of volume to go through which means packages that used to take weeks to receive now can take months.

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Reply to "delays with china shipping";


There are several reason(s) that your package may be delayed.


1) Once the seller has packed the item for International Shipping, then paid the postage at the post office, they are give a series of options on the "quality' of shipping desired. This is paid by weight, or volume, depending on the density of the parcel.


2)After the parcel is accepted from the Post Office, then the "Official" aspect comes into play, and the parcel is shipped to the nearest air terminal by china post, or ground terminal , depending on the "class" of postage paid for by the SELLER.


3) After the parcel is shipped, it is X-ray scanned ,and depending on the results of either pass or fail, then the item may get delayed at the customs port of exit. For China post there are several locations that perform this exercise.


4) After the parcel is scanned, depending on the destination country, it is bundled into a bin for that particular country, and then (again depending on the postage applied), the item is processed by the post office.


5) After the post office, gets the parcel, it gets accumulated, and depending to the country, it gets dispatched to the nearest (and cheapest ) route to get to Canada.


6) If the package is bulky, or weighs a lot, or is very little postage applied (ground transport), it *could* be bundled into a container, and shipped by ocean shipping (ground) to the next Port of Exit, and then forwarded with hundreds of other containers to arrive at Vancouver, Seattle, Los Angeles or SanFrancisco, depending on the destination.


7) There is on-going discussions with China and the Universal Postal Union, and it involves the freight rates that China is paying for the freight to be shipped. There is a bi-latteral agreement, but that involves the tonnage of mail between countries, and the "class" that the item is assigned.


8) Once the Item Arrives in Port, then it is off-loaded ,and then broken out at the Customs Inbound Clearance Centre and then forwarded on its way if it passes inspection.


9) Depending on the department and the priority to *Contraband* products etc, then the regular flow, is now getting the thorough twice over before being released to Canada Post in Vancouver for ground shipping from the Port of Entry and then on to your destination in Canada**


10) Once the parcel enters the Canada Post system (if it has a CN registered document tracking number), it will get entered into the tracking system of Canada Post, and get updated as it travels along its journey. It can take up to 10 -12 working days to get items shipped across Canada.


11) Once it gets to your local Post Office , then it may take another day or two depending on the size of the parcel. If it does not fit into a little box near your local station ,or if you have 'All Points Local', when everyone from town comes to pick up their mail, then that also could delay things a little further, but the tracking will get updated and show "Card left in Box" etc..


Some of the remotest locations in Canada;


**from Weather Network: Grise Fiord is also referred to a Aujuittuq, an Inuktiut word that translates to "the place that never thaws." It is the northernmost civilian settlement in the country, and it's the only community on Ellesmere island.



So, depending on Where the parcel is being shipped to, What the parcel consist of, and How much the seller has paid to ship the item to Canada, then there can be delays up to 90 days (calendar) for an item to get delivered.


However, that still does not excuse poor communication, both from the Vendor, and the Shipping Carrier, and Ebay as to how long it will take to get your item delivered.


As of April 2017, according to the news*, it will take a trainload of goods to travel 18 days to get from the UK to Yiwu, China.. The first in a long time where goods are going in the other direction. But it is a start.