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hi.i bought 3 items and i want all of them sent on one day not each one sent separately.


thanks for your attention

I bought three items.they are my friend's birthday gifts and i want all of them would be send on one day not separately one different days. is it possible?

please tell me back.

best regards


Nasim Shafiei

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This is a member to member Board.


If all three items were purchased from the same seller, normally the seller would be happy to cooperate. Use Contact Seller on the original listing to make your request.




If the seller is in the US or the UK and used the Global Shipping Program*, she cannot help you. Such items must be shipped separately.


EBay is not a store. It is a venue were millions of different sellers advertise their wares.

If you purchased from more than one seller, shipping together is not possible.





* Canadians hate the GSP. This is only one of many reasons for that hatred.