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cancelled order but didn't receive echeque refund?

Ok so I'm sorry if this is a repetitive question but I couldn't find anything helpful- Basically, I purchased something, didn't realize the money was still on hold (I have one of those BMO debit cards that lets you shop online), so I cancelled the order about an hour later, i.e before it was shipped or anything. The seller agreed to cancel the order, however because it was sent by echeque PayPal told me I had to wait for the payment to send and be received before I'd get a refund. It's now been two weeks and I haven't gotten it back; my account just shows that the transaction is completed. I messaged the seller and he says because I cancelled it right away he didn't receive anything, so basically what I'm asking is should I keep waiting or contact my bank? I didn't want to open a dispute since he said he didn't get the money but paypal shows the money was sent and received and all they tell me is to contact eBay.. Am I being scammed? :$ Sorry if this is dumb I'm just starting to get worried!

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Does paypal show the money being received from your bank and having being paid to the seller?


Does your ebay purchase show as cancelled?


If both are true then your seller is either inexperienced or trying to scam you.

I hope you didn't accept the cancellation without a refund but left it open.


You may have to open a case with eBay,  Help & Contact page link is at the bottom of the page.