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Canada Post -Labelope and. EST Pouch Canada Post
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Hey guys, I'm new to to Ebay and Shipping things in general (yes I have never sent anything in my life before and I'm 18). I want to sell a few things on Ebay, but I need some cheap shipping supplies, and these 2 supplies (the international labelope and the EST Pouch )are the cheapest that I have found for Canada. My question is, can I use these shipping supplies to ship anywhere? If not, where can I find the restrictions, thanks a lot.

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A lot depends on what you are selling.

One product I found useful for my books was 'B-flute'.

This is cardboard with one smooth and one fluted side. The fluted side may be gummed.

The idea is to fold the b-flute around the book (or similarly shaped item) and press the corners together so they adhere.


Then you write the address on the flat side and add stamps.

But I also have an infinite supply of discount mint postage stamps - for most sellers the Paypal shipping labels are a good deal with discounts for some services of 5% to 18% off PO counter prices.


Many shipping supplies are available at excellent prices through U-Line.

For poly envelopes I like emailers_ca here on eBay. Low prices and fast delivery.


Don't ship internationally until you have at least 10 DSRs.

The USA isn't really international. Sorta.

When researching shipping costs to the USA 90210 is a useful zipcode.

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Have you signed up for Canada Post's Solutions for Small Business card?  It allows some discounts and access to some of the supplies on the Canada Post website. For the most part buying supplies elsewhere is cheaper, but there are some exceptions.


Consider the branded Canada Post plastic envelope at $3.50 for a pack of 24 (about 14 cents each)

The eBay Pack is a sturdy plastic envelope (40.6 cm x 30.5 cm)
It is not a prepaid envelope. Additional postage is required.
Can be used for mailing within Canada, to the USA and to other destinations


I use them to provide water protection. I use cardboard and other materials inside the envelope to provide impact protection. Stamps will stick to the plastic. Right now I'm using the bags cut in half (and secured with packing tape) to ship comic books.




Labelope is used to hold a label -- instead of taping the label to the package, you attach the labelope to package and the printed shipping label is put inside the labelope.


EST pouch is used to hold a label and other documentation for the package.





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Labelopes, as the name suggests, are clear plastic envelopes which hold your label to protect it from wear and weather.  They adhere to your package.  They are free from CP.


EST Pouch is for Electronic Shipping Solutions for business customers and is the same as the labelope with a more "techie" name.  Also free from CP.


You cannot actually ship anything in these, they are protection for paper labels only.  They are very useful if you print shipping labels through eBay/Paypal and don't want to tape them all over to stick them to your package.


Cheap shipping supplies covers a lot of ground.  Will your items fit into an envelope (regular or oversize) or do they require boxes? Paper or plastic envelopes of all sizes can be found in dollar stores and the like for reasonable prices. If you are only selling a few things it is not worth ordering supplies online from the bigger sellers.  Most liquor stores, grocery stores and many merchants have emptied boxes in good condition suitable for re-shipping.  They are free.  Some merchants will have bubble wrap, air packs, and other fillers also free for the asking.  Figure out the sizes you will need and start asking around.


It's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the Canada Post website so you can gain an understanding of price breaks based on weight and volume.  There are lots of posts on the boards with good information about shipping.