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How to report a misleading and/or incorrectly worded ad.

I have informed the seller that there ad has a false statement about a product after receiving it.


 I would not have ordered the item at all with out the advertised feature the seller claimed it had.

after reading some of the sellers negative reviews I found several other people have complained about the same issue.


The seller has not corrected the ad and do want any more people to tricked into buying this item.




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You bought the item.

It was not as described.


Go to the Resolution Centre at the bottom of this page.

Open an Item Not As Described Dispute.

You have already contacted the seller about the 'error'.

So ask eBay to step in a escalate to a Claim.

If the seller does not refund you or send you a Return Shipping Label, you will be refunded by eBay which will go after the seller for their money.


If you can leave feedback, remember the most effective feedback is calm and factual. "Not as described. Complaint ignored" for example.


But the Dispute and Claim are much more important than feedback.

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Most active listings have a Report item link.

If viewing on a desktop computer, it's on the same line as the Description / Shipping and payments tabs