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What is that annoying Wajam popup and how do I get rid of it?

I just started seeing this popup in the last week or so. I found the programme using control panel in Windows 7. I uninstalled it, then re-started my browser. The darn thing is still there. How do I get rid of it - I only see it on Ebay, no other sites.

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in reply to canajungirl

Wajam is a social search engine that lets you find recommendations shared by your friends on social networks when you need it.  You can connect your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts to Wajam in order to get results from your network when you search or browse the web.


If Wajam was installed by mistake, you can find 

uninstall instructions on the Wajam FAQ: http://wajam.com/faq/


If you're having trouble with the uninstall process, or think you've found a bug (which appears to be the case), write to feedback@wajam.com so that they can resolve this issue.

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This is their FAQ page..



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Someone had a similar question here just a day or two ago.  Does any of this sound like your situation?: