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why is my password left on my ebay account when i sign out .. anyone can take my money
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why is my password left on my ebay account when i sign out .. anyone can take my money


Which password?

Your eBay password or your PayPal password?


eBay doesn't have your money and it can't be spent unless you have automatic paypal purchasing enabled.


If your browser is automatically signing you in to eBay then you have to go where YOUR browser stores passwords and remove the password for eBay.  (for example, old versions of Firefox have passwords under Edit >> Preferences >> Security).



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In today's world on the internet, we each have many places where we need a password


such as ... a bank account... a Paypal account... and eBay.... and many more places.


How many times have you signed in and got the message... Do you want us to remember your password?


Many people will say yes..


Have you ever responded yes to this question....


If you have  your password is now sitting somewhere on your computer....  and may be even at some location on the internet.


There is  now a site on the internet where you can store all of your passwords..


Imagine the reality if  that site gets hacked.


On eBay it is enough that eBay and Paypal are linked....  and then our bank account is linked to  Paypal.



How many times do we hear about hackers getting in through the backdoor.


or in the case of that site with all of those passwords......  and a hackers uses that site... The hacker is on site, and ready... for more..



Have you ever responded to the question....  Do you want us to save your password?


Perhaps this is why your password shows as it does on eBay...