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New Listing Requirements Are Expanding to Additional Categories

eBay Employee
eBay Employee

In the Spring 2018 Seller Update, we announced our transition to product-based shopping experience, ensuring that your products show up on the site the way today’s buyers expect. We also announced the first group of product lines for which sellers must associate their listings with the eBay catalogue before the end of April.


With the upcoming May 2018 Seller Update, the eBay catalogue will expand to include broader categories announced in February (cell phones, thermostats, etc.), as well as to new product groups. We will announce full details of the next phase of categories in the update.


The May Seller Update will also share more details on the next phase of the product-based shopping experience, including more information on how you can use your expertise to modify product information and even create new products in the eBay catalogue. We will continue to share information to prepare our sellers, developers and third-party providers for these upcoming changes.


In the meantime, sellers have several opportunities to learn more about and discuss these changes before the requirements take effect:


  • Register for our April 11 webinar, Listing Changes for an Evolving Marketplace, to discuss how the new product-based shopping experience will impact sellers. Note to Canadian sellers: This US-based webinar may include products and/or features not yet available on
  • Talk with listing experts from April 9-20, to learn more about listing best practices.


For more information about the product-based shopping experience and the eBay catalogue, visit the Seller Centre.


Thank you, as always, for selling on eBay.