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Selling fees have gone down for some Business & Industrial Goods

eBay Employee
eBay Employee

We’re serious about being the best place to buy industrial equipment. And that’s good news for Business & Industrial (B&I) sellers: we’ve reduced final value fees and capping the maximum fee for the some within B&I.



  • For Store subscribers, the final value fee has been reduced from 4% to 1.5%. The cap will remain at $250.
  • For non-Store subscribers, the final value fee has been reduced from 4% to 2%, with a new cap of $300.
  • The insertion fee will remain $20 for both Store and non-Store users.


Please note that these new fees are valid only for listings posted on or after July 1, 2018. Listings that were created before July 1 are not eligible, even if they sold after July 1. This is not a promotional offer; this is a category pricing change designed to help you compete within B&I.


If you have unlisted inventory in B&I, we encourage you to list now and take advantage of these lowered fees.


Thank you for selling on eBay.