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Hello All, Has anyone noticed that some US sellers are mixing shipping options via USPS and GSP

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Hello Every body ...Has anyone noticed that some USA sellers are listing their items with both USPS and and GSP options on their site? I only buy from US sellers who offer the USPS method. I buy a lot of Carnival glass from a seller in Oregon. On one purchase he used the GSP method, without the knowledge of this method. I received them at my Post Office, paid the duty and brought the boxes home. Two weeks later, I get an invoice in my P.O box from Fedex for $34.00 !! I live on a farm and no one delivered these to my door. I receive my items via my P.O box, pay the applicable duty and carry on. I will NOT (Fedex or other courier) give anyone my municipal address. I phoned my seller in Oregon and he was surprised. He paid the Fedex invoice, because he did not know about this GSP method and used it only this one time. I still purchase from this seller to this day.

 Lately I've noticed that in my searches, some US sellers now offer both shipping methods. When I ask them if they will ship items using the UPSP method they will comply...Has anyone noticed the same experience? .. Ace

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