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How can I get an actual customer service person on the phone?

 I need to talk to someone at Ebay to ask for help getting a refund on two items I bought from a seller because the items are sooo not as described.  Ive requested a refund and gotten no response at all from the seller.  Ive waited the appropriate amount of time and now I want Ebay to step in.  But when I go in to my purchase history and return status it just keeps telling me to wait for a response from the seller.  And offers me no way to contact Ebay.Well, I dont want to wait any longer so I we3nt through the process again only I ticked the the first answers that got me to the place where I could request a callback.  Which i have done several times.  Each time with the website saying my callback request was confirmed and I would get a callback within about a minute.  And surprize!  No one has called me back.  And I am getting more and more angry.  If this Ebays idea of good customer service then I dont think I will buy anything here again.

Anybody know of a reliable way I can get ahold of Ebay"


Thank you

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Did you open an Item Not As Described Dispute in the Resolution Centre at the bottom of this page?

You have 30 days from delivery to do this.

The suggestion that you Contact the Seller is just that, a suggestion.

However, eBay does allow time for the Seller to respond. I believe this is 96 hours (4days).

The seller is required to send you a return postage, but if he is in another country, a Return Shipping Label is not possible.

If he doesn't send you return postage,you win the case and will be refunded.



If the four days have passed without response from the seller, and you are unable to ask eBay to step in and escalate to a Claim, you could go to Paypal and start a Not As Described dispute there.

You have 180 days from payment for this, BUT, PP insists that the buyer pay for the return of the unwanted item.


You are also covered by your credit card if you used a card to back your PP account, but that's usually the last route of appeal.

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you need to open an item not as described case for each item..