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I have an unpaid item. I wanted to buy an item but they do not ship to my post office box.

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I have an unpaid item case that was opened up on me.  I tried to purchase an audio video AV cable but I couldn't get past the point of where to ship as the seller does not ship to post office boxes, which is what I have as I live out of town.  I backed out of the item, but it must not have cancelled at that time.  I received an unpaid item email from the seller a message explaining that I tried to order but as they didn't send to post offices boxes, that I backed out of the order, but it didn't work.  I sent this message the middle of last week.  They did not respond to my message so I thought it was all taken care of and now there is this case that has been opened.  What is my next step to take?  Thanks.

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Hi, I don't think there is too much you can do right at this point. You might have to let the unpaid item strike go through and then call ebay through the help and contact links to explain the situation. They may be able to remove the strike from your record. If not, it is not the absolute end of the world ~ 2 strikes can get you blocked from bidding/purchasing some items if a Seller has that auto block set up ~ but 1 strike won't hurt your buying abilities.  The Seller may have filed the unpaid item just as a means to get their final value fees back from a sale they cannot complete since they don't ship to a post office box.