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Item Removed; User no longer Registered; How to start a claim...



I just 'won' an item, that was promptly removed from EBay after I paid. The user, not too long after, is now no longer registered.


The message says "If you've already sent payment, the sale should process as normal and you don't have anything to worry about."


However, in EBay's help feature you can't ask anything without an active listing # (which it isn't). So it appears the seller just posted the product, took the money, and has now fled the digital country. Of course, the 'package' is from China.


Do I honestly have to wait 40 days before I can open an issue to get the kick-back? I don't mind waiting, just wondering if I can actually just get this resolved right now, as it's an obvious sham.



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When a seller has been removed (Not a Registered User/NARU) it's usually because he has done something nefarious.


Don't wait for the item to arrive.

Open an Item Not Received Dispute immediately in the Resolution Centre at the bottom of this page.

The first suggestion is to contact the seller. You can if you like, but don't get into a conversation.

You want only date of shipping, service used and above all a usable tracking number.

Do NOT accept anything but a refund or a usable tracking number.

Never accept an offer of a replacement. It won't arrive.

Ask eBay to step in and escalate to a Claim. State that the seller is NARU.

Usually that speeds things up.


If eBay's Resolution Centre won't let you open a Dispute yet, go to your Paypal account.

The PP Resolution Centre is at the top of your PP account page under Tools.

Same procedure, but be sure to mention that the seller has been kicked off eBay as soon as you can.


If the seller cannot prove delivery (not shipping, delivery) you will be refunded.


FWIW-- the seller probably never saw a penny of your money. PP has a Hold on customer payments to new and questionable sellers for up to 21 days.