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No Product delivered. Seller deleted account. Passed eBay Recovery program. Help! Nobody to Contact!

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So I made a purchase of two single orders of one ounce Fine Silver .999 bars back in November, 2016.  Not aware of the eBay money back guarantee until dealing with this issue, which is now too late, I tried to contact the selling member, only to find out that the account seller no longer is registered with eBay.  Each order was $24.99 so a total of $50 or there about's.  It is now January, 2017 and having a very painstaking time figuring out what to do in order to get my refund or the item at very least, but prefer the cash at this time since it's now been so long and for this member to pull a stunt like this I would rather not give him my hard earned money that I feel to be scammed from me.  I am an avid eBay buyer and wish to start selling my own content soon.  This is uncalled for.  So how do I get in contact with anybody who works for eBay, there is literally no email, phone numbers, live chats or anyway to get in a direct contact with anyone who may know what to do.  I keep going in circles on the resolution pages, and because this seller  has gone missing before fulfilling his orders I have no way of finding any solution in this particular scenario.


Does anybody out there know what I can do to get my refund for both items?


I have attached a screenshot of one of the orders, the other order is the exact same item and price just paid separately with only a few minutes apart from each other also.



Thanks for any help with this matter.


Happy eBaying Friends

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It takes months to delete an eBay account.

So your seller was booted-- probably for exactly what you describe.



Go to your Paypal account and find the transaction number.

The PP Resolution Centre is at the top of the page under Tools.

Open an Item Not As Described claim.

Ignore the suggestion to contact the scammer.

Ask Paypal to escalate the dispute to a Claim.

State in the Claim that the seller is Not A Registered Seller (NARU). This usually speeds things up.

You may be asked to return the garbage to the seller with tracking. Or not.


You will be refunded.

You have 180 days from payment for this.