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Problem with Seller
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I had a problem with a dress they advertised.  In close up views of the dress it appeared to be non-see through - as I could not see any undergarment on the model or thinness in the cloth.  For other items I ordered I could see if the material was thin or not, by looking at various angles of the dress in relation to the background. 

The item arrived late January, not November or December  as stated.  This seller did not wait for a response but engaged in "I will check with the manufacturer ... we can give you a partial refund for the dress" and then slyly opened a case to close my case.  I would have settle for a partial refund as it is so expensive to return it, but they did not even give me a chance, even though they said we have until March 2017 to come to an agreement.  This is how these sellers trick you to make money off of you.  So sad.

I was equally disappointed with Ebay for not contacting me to find out what the problem was - they just sided with the seller and closed the case in about 5 hours.  Even after it was appealed, the appeals department did not contact me - they just closed the case too.

This was the first time ordering clothing through Ebay sellers - never again!  A few sellers were true to their adds, others seem to post a garment, then try to copy it and sell it, so that's why there are discrepancies between what is see and what you get.  Others seem to upload a garment, but computer enhance/modify it so what you get is not exactly what was displayed.  So sad - misleading advertisement.  Lesson learned - don't order clothing through Ebay!

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