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Refund wait times?

Hey all,


I just purchased an item on eBay and entered the wrong shipping address when I did so. I messaged the seller who stated they would refund the order and then process it again so that I could put the right address on it. The first time, I purchased via credit card, and the second time, I purchased via Paypal.


Upon looking at my credit card statement and my Paypal account, I have been charged twice for this product. It's been about 24 hours and I haven't received the refund back onto my credit card. I messaged the seller back to see what is going on there, however, what are the recent wait times for receiving a refund back onto a credit card? All the research I've seen shows it to be immediate.



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Depending on the type of credit card, it can take a few days. It is not as immediate as a payment is.


If you see the refund in PayPal, your credit card should receive it soon.