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Seller says file a dispute when item is received damaged!

Community Member

Hello everyone.  I recently purchased a porcelain Franklin Mint Marilyn Monroe figure from a seller from the U.S who used Global Shipping.  The figure is a large one at 17 inches.  I received her yesterday but only got a chance to open her today.  When I got the box open I found that one of her arms was snapped off and a finger from the hand of the same arm was also broken off.  Her upper body was not secured at all in the box.  There was a twist tie which probably should have held her head in place.  There was rolled up stiff paper with her but poor packaging material as far as I'm concerned.  She went through two postal systems basically loose in the box.

               I contacted the seller earlier today and sent them pictures.  They did return my message.  The seller said they contacted eBay and was told that I was to file a dispute.  With who I don't know.  I would think the dispute would be with her.  She said good luck and to let her know how it goes so I'm not sure what I should be doing under these circumstances.  Any advice would be appreciated.  Thanks all.  

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