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Where's my saddle?

Hello folks.  Another smoke filled day in B.C.   I have just spent too much time trying to find a phone number to contact eBay but did not have any luck.  My situation is that I purchased a parade saddle from a seller from the U.S. back on July 7.  It was to be shipped through the Global Shipping program, ugh!  I received a message once the saddle was shipped by the seller but that is the last I have heard any thing about it.  Usually I would receive a message from Global that they received it and another once it has left their facility but I have received no messages from them at all.  The tracking number has not worked from day one.  I contacted the seller and they are away and so I'm left here with no way to find out what is going on.  Buyers should have a way to contact eBay over problems like this but they have made it impossible to contact anyone.  I have had nothing but problems with eBay as of late and eBay is not being helpful at all.  Any advice pertaining to this matter of the missing saddle would be greatly appreciated.


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