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didn't receive item


I can't find any way to get in touch with ebay. 

I bought 2 packages from a seller in July, buyer protection has ended.  But I was in touch with buyer earlier and agreed to wait longer, thinking it would come since I am in Canada and it is coming from Asia.

I bought from this seller before with no issues.

In the last couple of weeks I asked twice for a refund and they said they would and asked that I repay when I get it.  I said "for sure".

I asked for 3rd time yesterday...still no packages, still no refund.  It's not a lot of money, but annoying me now that he is ignoring me.

Yesterday he gave me a USPS tracking number, I don't know what that has to do with anything, but when I try it, it does not exist.

I replied right away and no response.

Can someone please pass this on...I want this resolved with someone at ebay. 

It's not right.  I didn't want to complain and ask for a refund earlier because I know it takes time sometimes.  I don't think I can even leave seller feedback at this point.

Purchases were in July 2017.




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He's lying in his teeth.


Go to your Paypal account and open an Item Not Received dispute.

You can skip the suggestion to Contact the Seller since you have already done that.

Ask PP to step in and escalate to a Claim.

If the seller cannot prove DELIVERY (not shipping , delivery) you will be refunded.

Then PP will go after him for their money.


In future, keep an eye on the last estimated delivery date eBay gives you.

While contacting the seller is only polite, what you want from him is not apologies or a promise of a replacement (which will never come) but the shipping service he used, the date of shipping, and a useable tracking number.

If the shipment is not in Canada by the time you request the tracking, escalate to a claim without further communication or ado.


You have 180 days from PAYMENT for the Paypal dispute.

Act now.

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