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EBay/Paypal shipping labels - Canada

EBay/Paypal shipping labels - Canada

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I am a Canadian newbie who just sold my first 4 ounce item on EBay Canada.  When I try to print a shipping, not matter what options I use, it wants to charge me $12 + for shipping. I called both ebay and paypal and they couldn't help me. I had my item weighed by canada post. it cost $3.25 to mail it. How can I get EBay/PayPal to charge the correct postage?





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Re: EBay/Paypal shipping labels - Canada

Re: EBay/Paypal shipping labels - Canada

in reply to 01-27-2015
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A quote for $3.25 would mean that the item is being sent lettermail and has a depth of less than 2 cm including packaging. You can't print a label for lettermail at paypal or any other online site, you have to use stamps or pay at the post office.  Paypal is charging you the correct postage for the service that you are choosing.


Shipping can be the most confusing part of selling when you first start out so it is important to go to the Canada Post web site to see which services go to different countries, the options included and the min/max dimensions for each service.


There also many posts about shipping on the seller central discussion board here or feel free to ask specific questions there.


Here is the Canada Post calculator which comes in handy. Keep in mind that Paypal will charte slightly less for Expedited parcel Canada and USA, Xpresspost and tracked packet as paypal does have a shipping discount for those services.

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Re: EBay/Paypal shipping labels - Canada

Re: EBay/Paypal shipping labels - Canada

in reply to 01-30-2015
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Canada Post went metric in 1974 and any other system of measurement will be approximate and give you wrong information.


For example, letterpost cannot be heavier than 500 grams. Four ounces is 113 grams, which is the fourth weight class. If your item was actually 100 grams it would only have cost $2.95 to ship.


More to the point, as mentioned, Paypal will only print out LightPacket (USA or International) and other parcel labels. LightPacket has the same dimensional requirements as LetterPost, but is more expensive.

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Re: EBay/Paypal shipping labels - Canada

Re: EBay/Paypal shipping labels - Canada

in reply to 02-02-2015
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It looks like you want to print shipping label that you plan to ship to a Canadian address?  If so it only offer Expedited or XpressPost for across Canada.


PayPal Shipping offers light packet, small packet air, Tracked Packet, Expedited and XpressPost for USA, while for International, same but not all international for Tracked Packet, even for XpressPost.


You just need to do a lot of homework before you knew which and which, so on.

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