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FEBRUARY 15 2017 Weekly Session WISH LIST

FEBRUARY 15 2017 Weekly Session WISH LIST

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Once again, I am not an employee of ebay and I don't play one on TV.


It's been more than two months since ebay Canada held its last Weekly Session as a result of our point person departure to a new position within the mothership and I, like the rest of you, have been waiting patiently for a successor to be appointed so that we can resume open two-way communication with ebay Canada in Toronto.


I miss the Weekly Sessions. Therefore, I thought we might start a running list of issues we'd like to see addressed when a staff person is appointed to deal with us. Let's remember to keep it constructive, folks. Nothing below the belt.


This is what was left un-resolved form last week's post which can be found here:


  • Statement from ebay Canada addressed to Canadian buyers and Chinese sellers about major delays in shipping time as a result of Customs examining lettermail for smuggled illicit drugs, and position statement for federal government to consider exerting pressure on the Chinse government to ban export of the drugs in question (mjwl2006)
  • Clarification from ebay on the actual Paypal Shipping discounts now available to ebay sellers. Recent Announcement made it seem as if the discounts had been altered (pocomocomputing)
  • Clarification on policy around banned buyers being allowed to create new accounts to circumvent seller blocks (dutchman48)
  • ebay Canada Promos giving conflicting messages to users, depending on who is trying to activate them. Saying 'expired' as opposed to 'we didn't invite you to this' (pocomocomputing)
  • Clarification on the process of ebay Canada's shipping partners Canada Post, Paypal Shipping about whether seller still receives funds from postal damage claims in order to refund the buyer, or if the process has changed so that CPC refunds the monies to Paypal Shipping only which does not have the infrastructure in place (apparently) to actually give that money back to the seller who purchased the postage label and/or insurance on the parcel. If this is the case, it is a major shift with serious implications for ebay Canada sellers. (vintage north)
  • Explanation and elaboration of the process ebay follows when dealing with 'bad' buyers who have been reported for fraud and/or theft (handbags vogue)


Some of these we've kind of flushed out ourselves, like the announcement about shipping discounts, and others we will probably never get a clear answer on such as the process ebay follows when faced with evidence that a buyer is committing fraud, but I cannot see any harm in keeping an active list of things we want addressed if and when we ever see another actual Weekly Session here. 




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Re: FEBRUARY 15 2017 Weekly Session WISH LIST

Re: FEBRUARY 15 2017 Weekly Session WISH LIST

in reply to 02-16-2017
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Well, here's something I asked about in the past but it would be very helpful if ebay could include the TIME an ebay order was paid on the Sales Record page so that sellers with same-day dispatch obligations (like me) would know if the order was placed before or after their cut-off time. 


Notices from paypal don't always arrive in a punctual fashion and, for me, the difference between a payment placed at 11:59 am CST and one placed at 12:01 pm CST means I'd stand to get a Late Shipment mark if I allowed the business day to lapse without gaining an acceptance scan because the Notice of Payment Received from paypal only arrived at 1:06 pm CST.


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