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How long does it take for big items to arrive from China to Canada ? (Bike)

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Answers (3)

Answers (3)

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It takes the length of time eBay told you when you paid.

If it has not arrived by then, go to the Resolution Centre at the bottom of this page and open an Item Not Received Dispute.

You only have 30 days from the last estimated date for arrival to do this.

Don't put it off.


The first suggestion is to Contact the seller.

Don't get into a conversation.

Ask only "When was it shipped? whatservice was used? What is the tracking number"

If you don't get either an immediate refund OR a tracking number that shows the bike is in Canada, ask eBay to step in and escalate to a Claim.

Do NOT accept an offer of a replacement. It won't arrive either.

If the seller cannot prove delivery, you will be refunded.


Is your seller's FB less than 98%?

That's very bad.

You are protected by eBay's Buyer Protection program though, and that of Paypal and if you back your PP account with a credit card, by the card's chargeback program.

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For big things, this item needs tracking. or the seller played Russian bullets if not.

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a bike from China, good luck with that..