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What is best to do if buyer does not receive the item and there is no refunds on this item

The buyer lives in Singapore and is worried that the package is lost in the mail.

There was no shipment tracking or insurance on this package sent.

Is a partial or full refund best to do...... or ask eBay for help<>


Please advice.......asap

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How did you ship it -- surface (takes forever) or air ?


What time range for delivery did eBay give the buyer?

What time range does (if used) Canada Post give for that method of shipping?


The buyer only has 30 days after the last estimated arrival date to file a claim through eBay  and will be annoyed if you try to drag it out for too long.


Generally I reassure my buyer, and give a firm date, after which I will give a full refund if it has not arrived by that date. And if I refund I request repayment through paypal (if paid that way) if the parcel arrives after I have refunded.



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