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I did not receive item yet.
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1 month ago, I did order Video player 8mb but the item not yet. In fact  right now, I do not want more. I am very stress and I can not trust ebay system. I want money back..Help me. 

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Go to your purchase information.


1. Contact the seller. If that is unsuccessful in solving the problem then


2. If the purchase is late (the order should have estimated delivery dates) you can open an Item-Not-Received (INR) claim through eBay in the 30 days after the last estimated arrival date.



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If it is less than 30 days since the last estimated date for delivery eBay gave you, go to the Resolution Centre at the bottom of this page.

If it has been more than 30 days, go to the Paypal Resolution Centre at the top of your PP account page under Tools.


With either eBay or Paypal.


The first suggestion is to Contact the Seller.

You can do that from the original listing (right side across from the picture) or from his Feedback page, again on the right.

Ask him for the date of shipping, the service used and the tracking number.

Don't worry if you don't get a tracking number.

What you want is either the response or a refund.

Do NOT accept an offer of a replacement. It won't arrive.


If you got a tracking number enter it on the Canada Post website.

If the shipment is in Canada, relax. It will arrive.

If he sent a refund, send him a thank you note. Feedback is voluntary but a positive would be nice.


If you don't get a refund or a tracking number, or if the tracking number is unusable, or if he offers a scam 'replacement',

Ask eBay/PP to step in and escalate to a Claim.

If the seller cannot prove delivery (not shipping, delivery) you will be refunded.


In over 30 years in mail order, it is my experience that it takes about 20 days for delivery from anywhere in North America, and about 30 from Asia.

The holidays slow down all mail, by about a week or so.