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I got a email saying that they refunded my order but I didn't received any money.
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I didn't received my order so I contracted seller to refund. On the same day I got a emailing saying that they refunded my order. I went to check my PayPal and online banking and I didn't received my payment. 

I'm not sure what to do. Should I go contract PayPal or eBay

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Allow 1-3 days for a refund to show for a credit card (paypal should be same day).


After that open an Item-Not-Received (INR) case on either eBay (30 days after last estimated delivery date) or PayPal (180 days from time of purchase).



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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If it has been less than 30 days since the last estimated date for delivery that eBay gave you, go to the Resolution Centre at the bottom of this page.

If it has been more, go instead to your PP account. Their ResolutionCentre is at the top of your account page under Tools.


In either case:

Open an Item Not Received Dispute.

Skip the Contact Seller stuff. You did that.

Ask eBay/PP to step in and escalate to a Claim.

If the seller cannot prove delivery (not shipping , delivery) you will be refunded.

DoNOT close the dispute until you see the money in your PP account.


NOTE: before you start this, if you back your PP account with a credit card, which is the smart thing to do, check that the refund did not go there.

Because with a card, you didn't pay with money, as such, you paid with credit.


Smart move to check your PP account. Way too many people get caught on that.
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Re: I got a email saying that they refunded my order but...

in reply to 12-06-2017
I have opened a case from the resolution centre. About not receiving the item. Later they said that they refunded my order and the case was closed. I didn't received any money, I have opened a case before and got my refund from that case in my account in an instant. For the current case, right now. They said I got a refund but I checked my account and the money amount was the same. There were no changes, do I wait longer?
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Do you back your Paypal account with a credit card?

If so, check your credit card statement, because a refund will go there.