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Question on item not as described

Question on item not as described

Community Member

Sold an Italian Silverplated Flatware Set.

just received a return request because the set doesn't have teaspoons but coffee spoons.

The buyer said she wanted to return it and she would pay for return shipping. She sent message regarding this.

 Then she opened a return request stating as reason that the item is not as described.

 Plus she emailed me by saying that she had contacted eBay, which told her to open a claim as a Inad and have me pay for return shipping.

i have contacted eBay too and the representative has recorded the all thing and said that from the email that she has sent me, this is clearly a buyer remorse and as such she is required to pay for the return shipping.

Can anyone give me some clear directives on this?


ps. If I haven't been clear on something please ask for clarifications. Thanks.


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Re: Question on item not as described

Re: Question on item not as described

in reply to 11-13-2017
Community Member

Customer Disservice!!!


I would politely tell the buyer to return the item for a full refund.

Then I would phone customer support and ask that the INAD be dis-allowed because the buyer had asked for the return as Buyer Remorse. Have the eBay Message handy for this.

If the INAD is not disallowed, gird your loins and pay for the return.


Whoever pays for the return, refund promptly and relist faster.


I am assuming that you did mistake coffee spoons for teaspoons? They are quite different in size. (And do Italians drink tea?)

So really, it is an INAD, but hey, the customer offered......


What you don't want to do, of course is get into a slanging match. Keep it polite, get your silverware back, refund and relist in time for Christmas shopping.


Not every transaction will go perfectly.

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Re: Question on item not as described

Re: Question on item not as described

in reply to 11-13-2017
Community Member

There are a few different ways you'll see recommended to deal with this, but from talking with a rep recently this is the recommended course of action.


Call in and have a rep review the messages. If they agree it is a remorse reason, get the SR reference number for the notes they have added to the transaction. Send the buyer a message through the return request system informing them you would be happy to assist, but in accordance with your return policies the buyer is responsible for return shipping for an item that was correctly listed and described. Ask them to send the item back with tracking and provide a tracking number when they have sent the item so you can follow up and monitor their return. If they do not respond within 3 business days a rep can close out the return request. If it is escalated to a case call in with the SR#. If your receive the item back, process a refund via paypal, take a screenshot of the refunded amount, and attach that to a message via the return request, then call in to ebay with the SR# and have them confirm the refund has been processed and close out the rest and process your refunded fees.

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Re: Question on item not as described

Re: Question on item not as described

in reply to 11-17-2017
Community Member

Disgusted with the whole process. 

I spoke twice with eBay representatives both times they have taken notes with a CR# to booth.....

......result? Nobody reads a thing. 

The last rep.( the 3rd one, today ) told me that I should have called before the buyer....and they would have, most likely, ruled siding with me, seeing the evidence. 

 I was and still am flabbergasted. 

This is such a travesty of justice that lives a bitter taste in my mouth.

 By the way just to put everything in the right context, I listed an Italian complete Flatware set.....and Italian drink a Italian set there are coffee spoons. No tea spoons.

 The buyer wanted to return the set because there were no tea spoons and she would do so at her own expense. (This was her message to me through eBay) then on suggestion made by a rep. (who didn't know what the issue was about) She changed the request to an INAD.

 I don't mind to pay for my mistakes but in this case it wasn't mine.

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