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The lost is found!!!

Can you tell I'm procrastinating from gathering tax related information for the tax lady?


Thought a happy MIA package story was worth posting.....


Heard from one of my Canadian buyers today regarding a lost non-tracked shipment.


The buyer was awesome anyway, I was able to find other stuff to replace the MIA material back around the beginning of the year when it was clear the lost package wasn't arriving.


Today, when they were moving something they found it, it had slid down amongst some junk mail they received at the same time and got covered with something else till some cleaning was done today!


So they paid for the replacement stamps along with their apology letter so things worked out AOK!


Sadly the backstory wasn't as cool as the guy who's postman put my box of stamps in his BBQ where it sat for some time until the day came when he wanted to BBQ something!!!


Anyway, this was a Smiley Happy for me today.

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Re: The lost is found!!!

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I like happy ending stories. Thanks for sharing.