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How to prevent eBay from selecting wrong Canada Posts shipping method when choosing "Actual cost"



Not sure if this is the correct place to ask this...


  • I am listing an item from Canada and I want to ship to both Canada and USA.
  • I choose "Charge actual shipping" for both countries and I want eBay to use the shipping calculator to charge my buyers automatically.
  • When selecting the shipping method I think is the best (in this case, "Canada Post Light Packet USA"), a buyer from the USA sends me a message telling me that he gets a "Ask seller for shipping costs" message.
  • After doing a little research, I realize that it is because the shipping method "Canada Post Light Packet USA" is not available for my dimensions/weight and that I should change it for "Canada Post Small Packets - USA - Air".

Is there a way that I can prevent eBay from making available shipping methods that actually are not available? Do I have to go to Canada Post website every time I list an item to check what shipping methods are available for my dimensions/weight?


This can be a major turnaround for buyers that check my listings and see that they have to contact me before and cannot spontaneously buy the product. And in some cases I might not even know that the shipping calculator tells them that they have to contact me before they actually send me a message...



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Nope-- you just need two numbers, a tape measure and a scale.


If a package is over 2cm thick and 500 grams it is too big for Letter Post/Light Packet.


Don't guess. Measure.



BTW- if an item can go Light Packet, you can list it on dotCOM in US dollars which many sellers (myself included) feel can be a useful strategy.

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mmmmh... so those 50 first free listings are only for dot com... good to know!




You get 50 free listings on dotCOM + 50 free listings on dotCA.

Which comes to 100 Free Listings.


Which is why Canadian sellers will put items they can list Flat Rate on dotCOM.

And some do feel they get more eyeballs on dotCOM in US dollars than they do on dotCA.

But if you have enabled shipping to a location (USA, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong) your listing will show in Search on that site.

And in Search the price will show in the currency of the site.