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I see others have the same shipping problem in estimating charges for US & worldwide.but no resolve

My question is this: is there a way for Canadian sellers on

to include calculation of shipping to US & Worldwide into an ad?  

Does anyone know the right answer other than work arounds?


- I've had the same issues as others for the system NOT changing over after you PICK A NEW COUNTRY, and accepting a valid country postal code.  

- I've ensured that the package size and weight was acceptable.

- I've checked off all the appropriate places/boxes when setting up my shipping process but it does not translate into my ad.

(it also does not work from my side when posting an ad and running a check on the calculation system).


(Also... when programming the countries into the system ... there is no England or Great Britain option

AND it did not give any option for FedEx etc. to be included.... just Canada Post).

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It appears that this is a problem in the system that does not want to address for Canadians.



Yes... you can calculate via email... one by one, buyer to seller,  but it does take more than just some minutes PLUS it does not give you the same discount that ebay arranged with Canada Post and the program does not allow to offer FedEx calculation either.

Time is Money & when in business, those lost minutes add up.




Thanks in advance and I hope I don't have to try getting through to for an answer.... and wait hours again with no resolve.


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