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Send an offer directly to member (eBay message function)



According to eBay (Help section): ''If a member sends you a message about a fixed price listing, you can choose to send the member an offer to buy the item at a discounted price.''


Here is the procedure:

How to send an offer:

  1. Within the message from a member about your Fixed Price listing, click Send an offer directly to member.

  2. On the Create your offer page, enter the offer price, quantity (if applicable) and any message you want to include to the buyer.

  3. Click Submit to send your offer to the buyer.



    However, I do not find this option anywhere. I have tried with members sending me questions on Buy It Now listings (without the Best Offer option in the listing), and I can't reply to them with a private offer. I've tried to find this option for hours on Help page, forum, and so on. Does this function still exist in 2017? Because I don't want to add Best Offer options to my listings directly, because there are too many lowball offers. I would like to be able to use this private offer link in message, provided by eBay.


    Thank you for your help


    (Edit: I have also posted my question on, and US members told me that the function exists, but I still don't see it so I need to know if it's also available for us Canadian...)

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