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does ebay scam its own members

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I got a email saying I will be credited a final value fee for a sale by a non-registered member  but got invoiced anyway.  Now when I try to cancel the sale or open an unpaid item case, the item number is showing up as invalid.   I'll paste and copy the letter and the invoice.


The email received:


"We had to cancel bids and purchases on the following item(s) for the buyer,, because they were made without the account owner's permission:

Please note that we're working with the account owner to prevent any additional unauthorized activity.

All associated fees have been credited to your account. In these situations, we'll credit the final value fee for removed listings won by this buyer, and also the insertion fee if it was a single-quantity listing.

- We have credited any associated fees to your account."


Now the invoice for the supposed credit:


New Fees
Transaction fees
Date (PT)TitleItemFee typeAmount (USD)
Apr 11 21:07:31
Final price: C $60.00 (Auction), final value fee of C $6.00 converted to $4.49 at a rate of 0.74839 (as of Apr-11-17).
152507434726 Final Value Fee  $4.49
Transaction fees total: $4.49
Total new fees: $4.49


Can't email because the item # shows up as invalid and when I call, i get hung up on.   Please help

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