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Why has the Aquitarian Book section done away with the options such as 1st Edition, Pate Printed?

Community Member

Since I'm primarily interested in rare first editions of books it presents a step backwards that eBay has removed the options selections which allow collectors to refine their search. If I want to review review the 16th century 1st edition of a book it used to be efficient to simple select the parameters to refine the filter. What am I supposed to do now? Type a long monologue with all the specifications in the search box and hope I get lucky.

I'd love to hear the rationale behind this big step backwards.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

Community Member
Last Edited 06:39:41 PM

I noticed the same thing today, not just in searching by printing year in the Antiquarian book category, but also by century for antique prints.  This makes the Antiquarian book category practically useless if I am searching for general titles, in say, 18th century England.  It occurred to me that this development is something like Etsy which mixes up a few original items amid countless reproductions.  Modern copies are already a huge time waster in categories like antique photographs and maps.  Maybe eBay thinks there's more money in cheap reprints than valuable first editions - this is what happens when the number crunchers take over and the original appeal of the site becomes forgotten. If the disappeared parameters are not a glitch, and become permanent, I will no longer list my antiquarian paper items on eBay, since I don't see how buyers would find my often unique and ephemeral items.  My credibility as a seller would be also be devalued by being associated with others selling products with little or no historical value.