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Customer said wrong size, Who should pay return shipping?

I sold a pair of Silver jeans and on the tag it said size 28. When I measured the waist of the jeans they measured 30 inches. I didn't want someone who is a size 28 to buy them and have them realize that they fit like a size 30 after they get them. In the title and description of the ad I said the jeans are a size 30. I included 2 photos of the jeans tag to show that it says size 28 on it so they weren't surprised by the size 28 tag when they got them.

The customer said the jeans don't fit and that I should have to pay return shipping because I didn't make it clear that these were actually size 28. I showed 2 pictures of the tag size and I stated the measurement of the waist in the title and description. They received the exact pair I had pictured. I thought if the item doesn't fit then the buyer has to pay return shipping, right?

I asked for them to take pictures possibly showing how I could have incorrectly measured but they said it's not about pictures, it's about me incorrectly putting 30 in the title and description when I should have put 28 because most people know the size they fit in Silver jeans and they expect that size when they see it in the title. I think they would have a reasonable argument if I didn't show the tag in the photos. But I did, so it seems the fault is more on them for not looking at the photos before they paid to have it shipped to them. Who should pay return shipping?

Here is the ad:

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Re: Customer said wrong size, Who should pay return shipping?

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Well, this is six of one and half a dozen of another.


I have a couple of favourite designers whose clothes I can buy online even if the seller did not provide actual measurements, because the company is consistent with sizing. (Anything by Marks and Spencers or Eileen Fisher, for example).


If your customer knows Silver Jeans, she knows what size fits her.

Which is why we always put the manufacturer's size in the title.

And we included picture because:  Picture as if you have no words: Describe as if you have no pictures.

Then in the Description we give the actual measurements.

Because of 'vanity sizing'.


You SAID the jeans were a 30 in the title and again in the Description. And you gave 30" as the measurement.

Only in the FOURTH picture do you show the label saying 28. And again another label in picture #9.


In my opinion, you did mislead the buyer who (possibly/probably) knew that a 30 Silver would fit her, and was disappointed to get a pair of 28, which are too small.


You owe her the Return Shipping.

If she is in Canada, this is pretty straightforward.

If she is not, it gets more complicated.


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Re: Customer said wrong size, Who should pay return shipping?

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Ask for a recent photo.

I remember Al Bundy and some women customers at the shoe store asking for size 6.