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Final thought for the night

What topics go in ebay next generation.. I see alot of posts moved here that may apply to eby but have very little to do with Next generation ...



Maybe I am reading into to this wrong but to me it would mean Future and upcoming info about ebay and new and upcoming users asking stuff about ebay ...


Maybe the board moderator would enlighten us as they would be one of the only ones who should know why they keep putting a bunch of stuff that has nothing to do with the definitions in the title....



That is my last thought before I finish my shift at work thought after seeing it everyday why not make an attempt to understand what this category is even for ... To me it looks like it should be called (not sure where it belongs or Misc )  Smiley Wink ..



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Re: Final thought for the night

in reply to brandeentertainment

This forum was for the new Lithium forums and posts are for anything to do with the changeover from the old forums. Perhaps comments on the Lithium forums such as bugs or issue might be posted here. Otherwise it is a dead forum now since everyone is used to the new Lithium forums.