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Re: Least favorite thing about the new forums?

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I don't mind the "board police" intervening to remove naughty posts, hurtful comments, or people throwing verbal mud at each other, but what I do dislike is having our monitors zealously moving bits and pieces of discussions elsewhere. 


This one thing drives me nuts, especially if we've gone off on a bit of a tangent into an interesting or lively topic.  Removing the first hint of an off-topic remark completely destroys the flow of the conversation. 


In a normal discussion setting, I think eventually someone brings people back on topic in a spontaneous way anyhow -- far more enjoyable. 


Some days this makes me feel as if we're a bunch of kindergarteners with a dour old schoolmarm yanking us out of the line-up if we talk about something other than the subject at hand.  It totally kills the mood, and who bothers looking elsewhere to make a follow-up comment on the "verboten" topic? 


Monitors -- are you reading this?  Cut us some slack -- we are (I think) all adults here, and would like to conduct a normal conversation on our own.